Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankfulness Log, 2015 2

In true November fashion, the last few weeks have been a flurry of crazy! But, as I stop today for the first time and sit at my home with fall candles burning, about 2 weeks of laundry piled high in my room, and a burnt out lightbulb in my bathroom that needs to be replaced that somehow is a bigger task than it needs to be, I realize amidst the chaos are little gifts here and there that the Lord has given me.

Nov 8: I'm thankful today to see so many of the young staff in our country desiring to see if going overseas for the Lord is part of what he is calling them too. I am thankful for a meeting ordained by God with a wise friend who helps me think well about how to follow Jesus with my life.

Nov 9: I'm thankful God has given me time with a new friend from Iran and that I get to help her with her English.

Nov 10: I'm thankful today to catch up with a the wife of the leader of our program this summer. I'm thankful for her heart for the Word and how she shares it. I'm thankful for a short drive to our national conference and time away to think on God's goodness.

Nov 11: I'm thankful that falling in the middle of a room of people (oops) is something I could laugh at a few hours later. I'm thankful to run into Florida staff that feel like family everywhere I go. I'm thankful for Laura who listened to my freakout moment and reminded me of truth.

Nov 12: I'm thankful for Jecka. That we can eat PBJ's on trays in a hotel room and catch up on real life.
I'm thankful that this organization is on that cares about diversity and is willing to seek the Lord saying "we don't know what to do, but our eyes are on you."

Nov 13:  I'm thankful for Bob. Ive always been thankful for Bob but I'm thankful that he is a friend, a shepherd, and advocate and a father figure. I'm thankful to see him smile and be excited about this life God has given him. I'm thankful for reunions. I'm thankful to meet a girl who labors in Chicago that was impacted generationally through a girl I discipled in NE. I'm thankful for Don and Susan who are so generous, giving, thoughtful and kind.

Nov 14: I'm thankful for friends that are real friends and not just staff friends. I'm thankful for pool time. I'm thankful for a regional director that cares about me as a person. That is willing to advocate for me. I'm thankful for the ability to worship God with 1500 people knowing we have all been called by God to be part of his heart. I'm thankful to have had a fun dinner out with friends. I'm thankful what God calls us to is always an affair of the heart and not just a discipline for life.

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