Thursday, February 26, 2015

Humans of Tampa Bay: Yellow Fan Man

I was thinking this week how I often can take life too seriously. I was also thinking that for years, I somehow run into or observe some of the strangest people that ever lived.

Not sure how these things fit together, but sometimes I laugh out loud at things I see and I think, now that's funny! Working on a college campus definitely adds to the chance of some hilarious human sightings. 

My friend Renee and my other friend Carrie Cam also have these run ins. Over the years we have met Ben Franklin on a train in Boston, Mona Lisa at a pita place in Tallahassee, a hilarious grape expert that probably thought he was Italian at Publix and really, the list goes on.

I've decided, since life is too serious sometimes, I will now be posting some of these "Humans of Tampa Bay" sightings as a blog segment, for everyone's enjoyment and for a hearty outburst of laughter that makes your eyes glisten and your sides hurt. 

Yellow Fan Man: 

Meet Yellow Fan Man. As I sat in Starbucks, working at the community table, I thought,  "this guy is a character." He looks 30ish, but is wearing a "Will work for Beer" shirt.  As our "stuck between a college student and an adult" friend sipped his latte, he must have felt a little warm, because all of a sudden he whipped out a portable yellow fan to cool himself. My cousin Sandy said he must have been going through manopause.  

This Blog brought to you by the upgraded Samsung Galaxy phone, that now has the silent shutter feature, allowing me to be a bit creeperish and capture this picture without being noticed.