Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Billy Ray, Toilet Fixer

Last night I was on campus at 10:30  finishing up freshman bible study when I get a call.

In a very calm voice my roommate says, "Hi, We have a little bathroom issue."

My first reaction, toilet needs plunged. So I say, "Don't worry I'll be home in a few minutes and we can figure it out."

To which she replies, actually the hose from the toilet has come unattached and water is spurting everywhere. I kinked the hose and there is water all over the's a flood. Realizing this is a bigger deal than I thought I smartly say,  "Uhhh....maybe you should try to call the front desk."

I get home, rush up the stairs and walk in the door, "Hello?"  Expecting roomate's voice I hear a deep southern male voice say "Hello..I'm here in the bathroom." Oh! service guy is here.

So I walk around the corner and no joke, Billy Ray Cyrus the Plumber comes out holding a snake tube, carrying a wet-vac and wearing a big silver cross around his neck. He is complete with mullet. It was all I could do not to grab my guitar and ask him to sing his one time hit wonder "Achey Breaky Heart." Poor guy...Top of the Charts in the 90's to Toliet fixing in 2011.

At this point he needs to go down to the truck to get another part and I find my roomate who is trying to recover from traumatic toilet experience carrying her wet clothes and sopping wet.  Poor Roomie! She tells me the traumatic story of toilet bursting and we die laughing about how the plumber looks like Billy Ray!

Needless to say, the toliet is now fixed, Billy Ray left at 11:30. I half expected him to tip his proverbial cowboy hat at me.

I then proceeded to stew over the humor that just happened. And then, because its after 11 o clock and somehow the synapses in my brain get more creative at this point, I get a vision. Not like a real vision from God or anything, just one that makes me crack up! And I proceed to connect my Bible study on Noah to Billy Ray the Plumber. The end result is this picture, which I drew, and left for my roommate to find in the morning before work.

Here's to you Billy Ray and to Noah who chose to walk with God without worrying about his future...or his bathroom plumbing.

This blog entry brought to you by the 90's hit song "Achey Breaky Heart."