Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Top Ten Things I Remembered This Week that I Love about the Midwest

10. Very few places in the world offer the 95% probability of meeting someone that knows the one friend you have from that one small town off of I-80.

9. Yes, there really are places where people are as wholesome and as good as they seem.

8.  Where the local girls softball team is the talk of a whole airport terminal.

7. The celebration of different anglo cultures is an important topic of conversation, especially as one discusses the difference between Dutch, Swedish and Czech festivals. And how about those Tractors in Parades!

6. You can't beat a midwest church potluck! Casseroles galore and homemade desserts for everyone!

5. Slower pace of life sometimes makes you appreciate the things that actually matter.*

4. Who knew Farmer's markets could span over multiple mile blocks, putting all other attempts at a Farmer's market to shame?**

3. Seasons exist! Tulips blooming in spring and the celebration of winter's end can only make you smile! ***

2. No southern pretenses, but a definite understanding that you are immediately family by proximity.

1. When your dear heart friends live or come from here,  it makes life richer and more blessed.

This Blog inspired by The Moores in Des Moines and the Poferjes of Pella.

*This excludes slow midwest drivers. I don't miss this. Not even a little bit. Nope, not at all.

**Except the metal working man that sold me a metal basket that I thought he made. Turns out he forgot to cut the tag off that said "Made in China." He must be from somewhere besides the Midwest.

***Unless you are the grumpy Dutch lady working in the Tulip Time office on Tulip Festival day. She must be a disgruntled Czech trapped in a Dutch town.