Sunday, December 1, 2013

Joy Dare, Week 4 (and then some): Miracles, Nebraskans, Red Lights

Day 22: A Gift Grateful
Time with Emily and her husband Tim, Joy
Time with my teammates from Nebraska, Friends
The Lord, and His Might

Day 23: 3 Gifts Only in Christ
Miracles, Jamie and Eric having beautiful, prayed over, miracle baby Brookie
Grace, In seeing God cover over many sins in my life
Multiplying Human efforts for Greater purposes, in seeing the growth out of hard things

Day 24: 3 Gifts Humble
Workshop on diversity, Oh how little I know!
Concert of Prayer, wow..such a need for laborers!
Time with Barb, a dear living legend who initiated time with me!

Day 25: 3 Gifts Ugly-Beautiful
The cold, not-so sunny weather
My heart
Sweaty hugs goodbye from dear friends after a dance.

Day 26: 3 Gifts Preparing
Processing time to prepare my heart for the week
Preparing to have a voice with men through women's workshop
Preparing for a fun dinner with dear single women friends at a fancy restaurant

Day 27: A Gift Handemade, Held, Happy
A pumpkin chai, made by mom when I got home for Thanksgiving

Day 28: 3 Gifts in Community
Interesting conversation
Funny and wise older people
Kind hearts in the unexpected

Day 29: 3 Gifts Red
Red Nail Polish
Red Candle
Red Christmas lights on tree downtown

Day 30: 3 Gifts Astonishing
Greek ministry growth
Auburn beats Alabama
Cookout fun with Dad