Monday, May 7, 2012

Railroads, Real Friends, Rest

A left over video from Day 1: Road Trip Begins

From Arkansas to Kansas:

Lauren: Our journey to Colorado continued across the midwest. This leg of the trip brought us through the Ozark mountains of Arkansas, lots of farmland, and random side excursions in search of cowgirl boots for Rachel. Upon entering Missouri, we were all in need of a little restroom relief and stumbled upon an unexpected treasure: a railroad museum right in front of the McDonald's we stopped at. The museum consisted of a train caboose. And several railroad accessories. Such a funny little find! We ventured on into Kansas and stayed with the fun and welcoming James and Nicole. A fantastic dinner and intriguing movie finished off our night. Looking forward to day four!

So picking up where Lauren left off, one of the best things about this road trip has been the people. Along the way we have been able to meet some of Rachel's awesome friends as they have blessed us to stay with them! On day 3 we were able to stay with James and Nicole who warmly welcomed us into their home. We had lots and lots of good laughs and conversation along with some yummy food and a really good movie. They like movies just as much as I do!! The next morning we were off to Lincoln, Nebraska!! Rachel was able to meet up and spend some time with some close friends Joy and Tyler, while Lauren and I got to explore beautiful downtown Lincoln. We got some pretty jewelry at Ten thousand Villages and then spent some good time at Scooters Coffee shop. Then we all were off to stay with the Walz family! They were super welcoming and we felt like one of the family right away. Sandy drew a map for me and Lauren to a lovely lake and so we got to enjoy a wonderful walk and see more of Lincoln. It was great to be able to stretch out our legs after so much driving! And interestingly Nebraska kinda reminds me of Florida in that it is very flat and windy, so I liked it! That night consisted of home made pizza's and more fun conversations, especially when Joy and Tyler came over! So now we are off to our final destination of Colorado!!!

Rachel: The only thing I have to add to the writings of my lovely, awesome road trip passe' is that I am blessed with such wonderful friends between Florida and Colorado. I loved seeing all of them, and was struck by how these friends are truly heart friends. We pick up where we left off. We always laugh. We always share real things. I always wish I could live next door to them all the time. From the Barrs and movie night, to Emily and our mini road trip to Lincoln, to The Moores and Mate' conversation to The Beckwiths and Strawberry lemonade, to The Walz family, where I always feel like I am truly family.  You all add so much to my life and teach me so much by how you live. Thank you.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Carrie, Cattle, and Comfort Inn

Yesterday, Carolyn, Lauren and I set off on an adventure out west, a little 2,016 mile jaunt from Florida to Colorado. Starting with a bolt-like-stake in my tire before the trip even started, a box of trail mix and brownies from helpful Jan, and a quick car load of who even knows what we packed, we knew it was going to be a trip of a life-time:

As we've driven, we've documented; as we've traveled, we've snapped pictures, and here is a little glimpse into our crazy fun trip:)


So today we ventured to lands I have never been before...HELLO M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I .....RIVER!! So the nerd in me was uber excited to see the river that Louis and Clark adventured down so long ago, even if it was dark haha. But that was not even the most exciting part of today! Today we got to see God provide in some really cool ways, through traveling safety in the rain to a free pizza diner! It has been really neat to see God's varying and beautiful earth as we travel and I am so excited to see more tomorrow! So with a hop, a skip and a jump on to Colorado!!


Western destination: Colorado. This trip is the farthest Northwest I have ever journeyed, the longest road-trip I have ventured to travel, and quite possibly the most adventurous automobile excursion I have experienced thus far. I would have to say that our roadside oddity sitings have been a highlight; from Schnitzer the giant pig in Alabama, to a car-sized metal rooster. Not to mention our stop at the Mooseum. Taxidermy cattle, a creepy yet informative cowboy mannequin, and some phenomenal photo ops involving a decorative van and cowboy gear made up our visit. Prayer time, fellowship, and sunsets finished out our first two days; I am anticipating fun times ahead!