Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thankfulness Log 2015, 4

As Thanksgiving has passed into Advent, I am realizing how busy life can get. Yet in these moments is where God brings some of the gifts you don't expect or didn't plan. As I finish up these thankfulness blogs for 2015, I'm reminded and want to encourage you to keep being thankful. Be thankful for the unexpected. Be thankful in the waiting. Be thankful in the unknown. Be thankful in the still. Be thankful in the chaos. Be thankful in the Lord. Be thankful despite circumstances and because of circumstances.  I pray thankfulness would rule in our hearts because of a God who gives us a reason to be thankful! Over and Out.

Nov 22: Today I'm thankful for time with my friend and her children. I'm thankful for a drive to think. I'm thankful for a peace that comes from being with God and hearing God. I'm thankful for a side conversation with a girl who will wrestle with trusting God and I believe will walk forward in faith.

Nov 23: I'm thankful for a very diverse ethnic day. For french crepes at a restaurant in a cuban restaurant run by a Greek owner. I'm thankful for time with a mission loving girl I enjoy so much who is discipling high school women. I'm thankful for my friend Lauren who is sharing discipleship plans with the world through her blog and that I could encourage this mission loving girl to use with girls she meets with.

Nov 24: I'm thankful for some space. I'm thankful for a quiet house. I'm thankful for a clean house. I'm thankful for time. I'm thankful for a home to go home to and a beautiful Mom who loves me.

Nov 26: I'm thankful for being cared for, despite an impinged nerve. I'm thankful for a lack of anxiety. I'm thankful for old people and young people. I'm thankful for being kept in check in how I love people.  I'm thankful for my funny, spritely, smart little nugget of a niece.

Nov 27: I'm thankful to get to go to see the Peanuts Movie with my mom. I'm thankful for a bit of time with just my dad. I'm thankful I've learned to believe truth about who I am in Christ and how that isn't shaken as easily as it use to. I'm thankful to not feel like I need to shop on Black Friday.

Nov 28: I'm thankful that I have friends to watch the FSU game with.

This Blog brought to you by the FSU Seminoles, the state champs of 2015.

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